Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kyle Getting Big

He will be four months soon!
Kyle got this freaky lookin' doll for Christmas from his Aunt Jana and Uncle David. He LOVES it! Thanks guys!!!
Don't you just wanna squeeze his face! We call those "tonkers."
Kyle is getting so big ! He is always smiling and recently started laughing! Here he is with Grandma Hickman.

UFC Fight In Las Vegas

People taking pics with standups.
These are the standups they sell of the fighters. They displayed them at the MGM Grand Conference Center after the weigh-ins. I guess the crowd went crazy for them!

Todd and Erik with Tito Ortiz.

Erik with Wanderlei Silva. They both had so much fun! Erik's tap out shirt is covered with autographs.

Erik with UFC President Dana White.

Todd and his brother Erik were able to go on the 27th. Todd's been lucky enough to go a couple times now being that they sell the UFC standups. This is Erik with Miguel Torres.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Ranch

The boys LOVED being on the ATV. Wyatt's face says it all.

This is very disturbing to mommy.
Kyle: aka bug-a-boo

He is only three months old. He enjoys eating, pooping, sleeping and burping. Duh! :)
Ty: aka Tire, Tydon, Beefy Chunk, and Chunk Monk

Ty is two years old. He is a die hard Superman fan. He loves wrestling, eating, and fishing. All girls are referred to as "princesses" and Superman is pronounced "bidley."
Wyatt: aka Wire, Wydon

He will be turning five in January. He loves preschool, power rangers, fishing, and shooting his BB gun. Cookies are expected at every meal and sleep is never needed.

Fishing at the Pond.



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