Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me, Myself and I

A number of people are complaining that I never post a picture of myself. So here I am--yes I am still alive and I will work on posting more pics of myself in the future. ;)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alissa's 8th Birthday

Okay I took some dang cute pictures at my niece's hawaiian luau themed birthday today.

Look at his little hands hanging on!

This is Olivia being her darling self.

My sister in law Haley. I actually look more related to her than I do my own brother.

See what I mean? Here is my brother Mike.

That is a serious ''tonk''!

Alissa in the cute green glasses. I believe she got these from her teacher at school.

Kara being shy

Limbo! How low can you go?

The potato sac racing was a hit.

It was a fun party!

Ty and Ky

So sweet!

These two boys are going to have a lot of hanging out to do once Wyatt goes to school. Plus they are closer in age. How sad it is that Kyle has to have Ty as a big brother. If you haven't noticed Kyle is very tiny and petite. Ty is well......a brute. I mean this kid is solid! Sweet he may be but rough housing is his game!

I LOVE my boys!


Wyatt and his cousin Carly graduated preschool last Wednesday. Here they are with their teacher "Miss Connie."

Their hats were so cute. It was a paper bowl turned upside down.
The program included nine songs that included some serious moves!

Here they are doing the Hokey Pokey!

Time is flying by and we can't believe Wyatt will be starting kindergarten in August!

Raptors and Angels

Poor Ty always has to watch on the sidelines. Pretty soon he'll be old enough to play sports and then it will be Kyle's turn to take a back seat. That's how it goes.....

Wyatt's soccer team was called the Raptors. He had a blast and especially loved Daddy being the coach.

Soccer ended and T-ball began! He's never played before and says he needs a lot of practice!

Go Angels!


Okay, I've got some long over due pictures to post. Here is Wyatt with Great Grandma Henderson. She got the boys some really cute gifts for Easter this year, the umbrella being one of them! Thank you!

Here is Ty painting our Easter eggs. We love this little contraption I got at Walmart. It spins the eggs around so their is no mess! We've used it for a couple years now and it is great for kids and MOM!!!!
Kyle's first Easter. Aunt Allison is the best!
The Easter Bunny was very generous this year and got the boys a Wii. Can you see the beads of sweat on his face?! He is boxing, having fun and getting a work out! I'm afraid this may be Wyatt's last year when it comes to believing in the Easter Bunny. He's starting to ask a lot of questions such as, "Is that a costume?"
Grandma Claire puts on the best Easter Egg Hunts every year.

Being silly...