Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wyatt at Jazz Basketball Camp for Kids. 2/20/2008

Wyatt shooting free throws with Jazz player Paul Milsap


Paul Milsap and Wyatt with autographed basketball

He's got the form going on! Look at the follow through.
He had a blast!

Wyatt being harassed. Mom is so glad he behaved himself. Last time something like this happened -- Wyatt gave the kid a shiner. lol


So, I was able to go to Portugal for about 5 days with 2 friends of mine. I was gone for a total of 7 days (poor Lisa). We had a great time visiting lots of friends, families, and old mission areas.

I Love this country!

Thad Taylor, Mike Muir, both were my companions on the mission. (They were companions as well.)

Typical homes by the river

Street in Porto leading down to river.

Taylor's Winery, nice view of Porto (other side of river.)

I lived here for nearly 10 months. Vila Nova de Gaia.

Bolas de Berlim. These are so good!

Church in Ovar, my second area. I was here for 6 months. It's just on the bottom floor of an apartment building basically. Mike Muir is with me, he was my last companion.
This was taken on the shore of the Douro River. I am on the Vila Nova de Gaia side, across is Porto.

Francesinha. It has everything in it. (Cheese, Meat, Bread, Shrimp, etc, etc.)

Wyatt's Birthday

Wyatt turned 5 this year! We had a family party. He was a little upset about having no friends over but ended up saying it was the best birthday party he ever had. A big thank you to everyone who remembered, sent a gift or came to his party!