Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just My Imagination

Ty could entertain himself for hours with the strangest objects. I don't know why I even bother buying toys. Here he is playing with my broken sunglasses.

This is at Flaming Gorge. He is showing me that he was playing with the paint coming off the wood and using them as characters.

These crayons were having a very interesting dialog. The yellow and green crayon were fighting each other saying, "You're red! No you're red! No you're red!" Thus I dedicate this song for Ty on my playlist.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge was a blast. I hate that I didn't get any pictures of Todd behind the boat. I usually had Kyle in my hands, or a tube was in the way or something.

Alley is always the flag girl. What is it that makes boats so relaxing and easy to fall asleep?

This is Kyle's first jet ski ride. He LOVED it. I remember when Wyatt or Ty would go out at this age they would always come back asleep.

Poor Kyle had to wear this stupid life jacket. He didn't mind wearing it as long as the boat was moving. This is Grandma Claire trying to keep him cool with a wet rag.

Wake boarding was fun. I can never stay up too long though. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Ty was a really good boat rider.

Behind the boat? Not so much.

This is Andrew's friend Shane. The boys all went fishing and had a great time.

They caught a ton. Let's just say tonight we are having fish for dinner....again.


My oldest brother David and his wife Janna are parents! Madison was born three months premature. She weighed 2 lbs and 3 ounces! The doctors are amazed at how well she is doing. To see how cute she is please visit my dad's blog.

This is a picture Wyatt painted of Madison. We can't wait to see her in August!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The most beautiful place....

I know I haven't traveled much but Sedona, Arizona is one of the prettiest places I have ever been. We were there for Alex's wedding. Here is Todd with his brother's Alex and Andrew.

This place is called Slide Rock. See where the big group of people are gathered? That is where you start to slide down....

Wyatt did it only once with Todd because the water was pretty cold. It was sooo fun though!

Me jumping off a cliff. Wish I would have taken more pictures of this place. Too busy having fun and balancing three kids though!

Congrats Alex and Ashley!

The wedding.....

The beautiful bride and newest member of the Henderson Family!

When we arrived at the wedding Wyatt said, "I am so excited!" I knew it was because he wanted to see them kiss. But he was embarrassed about it and asked me to please not tell Grandpa, Grandma Claire or Andrew. lol

It was scorching hot outside! Hence the fans and umbrellas.

We all had a blast dancing. My arm was sore the next day from holding Kyle the whole time I was dancing. Ugh.

The Fourth of July

We spent it at the Grand Canyon. We went to a local BBQ and Megan won this pinata!

Aunt Julie

Kyle loved this mirror in the hotel we stayed at. I couldn't imagine having two of him!

If I were that cute, I'd do the same thing!

It will be a memorable fourth.

The Grand Canyon

I've never been here before so this was really exciting for me.

However, this is not a kid friendly trip. Wyatt was scared to death. I'm sure my freaking out didn't help much.

We went with Todd's brother Craig and his family.

We were there for about a day and a half. We did hiking, the Imax Theater and just had a really good time. We'd like to go back when the boys are much older and do some rafting or something a little more adventurous.

Megan, Wyatt and Carly

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kyle's Fat Face


Before we went to Florida Todd's parents came out for a visit.

Everyone loves Uncle Erik!

Aunt Janae and Mariela.

My kids would not leave Uncle Chad alone. Sorry!

Todd, Nana and Nonnie
Before church...

This is where I was when I found out MJ died. Where were you? ;)

I don't know why all the kids loved watching movies in our room on a portable DVD player. There was a much bigger TV in the living room. lol

Aunt Lori and Wyatt being funny...

Made sure we went to Mel's diner to see the ventriliquist who only comes on certain nights. This was everyone's favorite character (she has a few).

Boogie boarding was a hit this year. Well it kinda had to be. Usually the ocean is so calm in June but we never saw it that way on this trip.

Wyatt became pretty good at it.

After a few gulps of salt water, Ty was done!